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As someone says, the eyes are the windows of the soul. They speak volumes,giving your personality its intrinsic individuality. Great as the eye may be seen, it can become greater when put something in it. That is makeup for the eyes. By applying eye makeup, you can enhance your eyes shape, or, if you feel like it, add drama to your whole face.  Eye makeup is basically about using eye shadow,mascara and eyeliner skillfully. Among those makeups for the eyes, eye shadow plays quite an important role. Eye shadow's primary purpose is to enhance the eye's shape, making it look beautiful. Eye shadow is applied to draw attention to the eye which accounts for many shades of purple, blue, green ,yellow and orange color that comes in and out of fashion.

When applying the eye shadow, it is best to begin by first applying a foundation on the eyelids, in a thin layer, and top it with a layer of face powder. Apply eye shadow to add simple definition or to make a strong impact, depending on your choice of colors. Choose an eye shadow color that matches your dress, eye color and face makeup. Eye shadow is a great way to show oneself's expression. The colors and hues available are virtually limitless, and eye shadow textures range from light dusts and powders to glitter, cream, or even liquid that turns to powder as it dries.

The next thing that should keep in mind is to choose eye shadow brushes of good quality, which are angled and flat. This will help you to apply the eye shadow more evenly and accurately. Brightly colored eye shadow can brighten the wearer's day from the second she puts it on. It's always a pleasant experience to see someone pass you by in the street with expertly applied eye shadow makeup fashion. Because this experly applied eye shadow can really dress up someone's look.

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