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Going to a Birthday Party

Lucy was invited by her good friend Annie to her birthday party. The party will begin in two day's later, but Lucy is worrying about what she could wear to that party. She has several sets of clothes to choose, but she can't make up of her mind which set of clothes she is going to wear. It is her good friend's birthday party, and it is a formal party, she wants to wear proper clothes to participate it. It happens that at this important monment another of her good friend Lily drops by. Lucy is so happy that she immediately asks her friend to give her some pieces of advice. They two go to Lucy's bedroom and begin to choose the clothes.

These several sets of clothes are what have been considered good to wear to the party by they two. All fo them are dresses, because dress is the most suitable clothes to a party. But which one is the best? It is a question. They have to decide again. Lucy likes the first set of dress, because she likes color that is related to red. The shoes and the dress in the first set of clothes are related to red. Lucy likes them very much. While Lily likes the third set of clothes, for the reason that the shoes and the dress are  black. Black color is more formal than other color. They now are in trouble.

At last, they both choose the first set of clothes to wear to that party. They reached the agreement.   

This dress is indeed very nice, and it is also suitable to the party.

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