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Simple Tips to do Light Makeup

Light makeup can give girls the natural look they have always desired for. But how to begin with light makeup? It is easy, just some simple step can do that.

Step 1: Before applying light makeup wash your face with facial cleaner.

Step 2: After washing your face, put some moisturizers on to keep the face wet.

Step 3: You should always wear a foundation which has a light base as it helps in highlighting your eyes and lips. A lightweight foundation levels your skin tone.

Step 4: Use facecakes to whiten the face. Remember to use it properly.

Step 5: Use of eye shadows can help highlighting your eyebrows and eyelashes to get a more natural look.

Step 6: Use a glossy lipstick which is a shade deeper than your natural lip color.

That's done, it is easy to do light makeup.

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