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Yoga has became more and more popular all over the world, quite a large number of people are crazy about it. It soon becomes a hot topic, especially among those office ladies, who are the sincere fans of yoga. Yoga is a philosophy and spiritual practice derived from Hindu theism, its aim is to supress all actiities of the mind and body, and separate them from one another to achieve liberation. This is the very first purpose of yoga. But nowadays yoga is associated with beauty more than other usage. Many people go to have yoga class with the goal to loose weight. Anyway, yoga is a good exercise for both beauty and health.

Now look at some yogas.  

Some yogas may look easy, like the first two pictures. The two girls in these two pictures are sitting, it looks that sitting is the easiest thing to do. But in fact, easy as it may seen, it requires a lot of skillful skills. And these several pictures are just some simple actions of yoga.

Learing yoga is a wonderful experience, there is no wonder why so many people are crazy about it. People at any age can learn yoga. It indeeed can help people become healthy and become beautiful. You may as well have a try.

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