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Eye Makeup

Girls and women like to wear makeup whether on the ordinary days or on special occasions. A perfect makeup is highly essential for revealing the gorgeous looks and enhancing the appearance. Being looked beautiful helps to get extra attention. A complete makeup includes many aspects, such as make for the eyes, makeup for the lip, and makeup for the face. It is not easy to do all the makeup very well.

Among all the makeup process, eye makeup is probably the most difficult task. Eye skin is more sensitive than other parts of skin. So you must be very careful when applying eye cosmetics to the eye. Make sure that the cosmetics you are using to your eyes can bring your eyes beauty and healthy.

For night parties and functions , if you want to select the right eye makeup, it is good to do with black eyeliner, dark mascara, and white eye- shadow. For brown eyes better choose black eyeliner. An important thing to remember when considering make up tips for brown eyes is that lighter colored eye shadows will bring out brown eyes more, while darker colored eye shadows will make the eyes look smaller.

Be remember that always wash your hands before doing makeup and also keep the brush clean and clear to avoid infection and allergy problems, so that you can protect your eye from being hurt by the unclean things.

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