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Hand Care

We focus so much of our time treating the skin of the face that we end up neglecting the skin on the hand. The skin of our hands is thin, delicate, and often dry, this is why it is the first to suffer from cold winds, frost, and dry heated air. Hands can tell a number of things, for example, hands tell us how we take care of the skin. It is said that the hands tell how old a woman is. Dressing up in fancy clothes is of no use sometimes if we do not take care of the hand skin. No matter how fancy we look with the fancy clothes on, the hands can betray our real age.

Beautiful, well-kept and delicate hands are important. So it is time that we should take good care of our hand skin. How to take good care of the hand skin? Here are some simple tips.

1. Wash the hands with liquid soap as often as you can every day.

2. Moisturize the hands at least four times a day.

3. For dry hands after washing them with soap, wet them again. Pour salt on the hands and then scrub them under water. Apply moisturizer on them.

4.  For greasy hands, after washing the hands rub cornmeal on them.

The best way to take care of the hands is to protect them on a daily basis, but not once in a while. By keep taking care of the  hand skin in a long, the hands will become more beautiful than you expected.


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