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Perfume has been a trend of fashion since a long time ago; it is inevitable accessory which goes in hand with clothing. It is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents. Perfume is very popular among men and women nowadays. The fragrance that perfume creates is very pleasant, making it the reason why so many people are crazy about it. Applying to perfume makes one smell good and look charming. Perfume design is much more difficult than other designs, such as clothes design or jewelry design, so the price of perfume is a bit expensive. It has been considered as luxury goods.

Buying a perfume is not an easy task. It reflects one's individuality. Or we can say that the use of perfume reflects one's taste. When you are going to buy a perfume you should be very careful to choose the best one that suits you very well. First you should try it, you will never know whether a perfume is proper for you or not if you don't try it. How to try a perfume? Applying the perfume to the back of the hand, waiting for ten minutes until the liquid of perfume is dried. If the perfume gives out good smell and you don't feel uncomfortable in the hand, then it is the right perfume for you, you can use it trustingly. The fragrance of perfume varies from one to another, some are mild fragrance, and some are strong fragrance. It is up to you whether you like mild fragrance or strong fragrance. But it is said that mild fragrance can give out good smell than the strong fragrance perfume.

Store the perfume in a cool dark place to keep the fragrance intact; don't expose the perfume to extreme temperature and sunlight. Because when the perfume is expose to extreme temperature and sunlight the liquid of it will go bad. 

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