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Skin Whitening

White skin can not only make you look more beautiful ,but also make you feel more confident. Almost every girl and woman wants white skin very much, that is why they spend so much money in buying all kinds of cosmetic products to take care of their skin. Here are ten tips of how to have white skin. They can help you become white unconsciously.  Now look at what these ten tips are.

1. Cut several pieces of cucumber, apply the pieces of cucumber to the whole face every night before going to bed. Hold on for ten minutes and then take away the pieces of cucumber, stick to it every night. One month later the face skin will become as white as you want.

2. Dip the makeup cotton in the toning lotion for several minutes, then apply the makeup cotton to the face every night, keep the makeup cotton on the face for twenty minutes. Doing this three times a week, you will find your face skin become amazing white.

3. Drink two cups of water after cleaning the teeth. It is better to put some salt into the water. The function of drinking water in the morning is to clean up the stomach.

4. Apply sunscreen cream to the whole skin every time before going outside, and wash the sunscreen away after coming back home.

5. Wash the face with warm water and then with cold water can make the pore in the skin become small.

6. Dip the makeup cotton in the milk and then apply the makeup cotton to the face every time after washing the face, it can remove the freckle by doing this.

7. Wash the face frequently, always keep it clean.

8. Do facial mask twice a week can help to whiten the skin.

9. Make sure to eat fruit every day.

10. Use pure water to wash the face.

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