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Use Lemon Juice to Whiten Your Skin

There is no doubt that the most majority of girls and women are pursuiting white skin. White skin is one of the symbols of beauty. But there is few people can own white skin. And this is the reason why so many girls and women are using all kinds of methods to make their skin become white. The skin appears darker because of the excessive production of color determining substance in the body which is called Melanin. It is melanin that prevents the skin from whitening. The lesser the melanin, the whiter will be the skin.

One approach to get rid of darker skin patches is to use the juice from a freshly squeezed lemon; it is one of the oldest known home remedies to whitening the color of the skin. Applying the juice of the lemon to the skin helps in bleaching the hair that is presenting on the skin and is thus believed to be a tried and tested method by many folk therapists in whitening not only the skin but also helps in preventing the development of freckles. Fresh lemon juice is natural and therefore does not clog the skin pores as would synthetic or mineral alternatives and it’s also easy on the pocket.     






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