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One Week's Skin Whitening Plan

As girls, we have always spent o lot of time whitening our skin. And we have also searched for the methods of skin whitening. It seems that skin whitening is our lifetime work. Then how can we whiten our skin in a short time? Here is a method that we have to learn, it is an amazing method which can help us whiten our skin very quickly. It takes only a week. Now let's see what is it.

Day 1: Clear away the dirt, sebunr and the old cells. The dirt, seburn adn the old cells in the skin pores make the skin surface feels rough, not smooth and delicate. So in addition to the daily care, we should also clear away the dirt in the skin pores regularly so as to make the skin smooth and soft. This is the first step of beautifying the skin.

Day 2: Be active to care, calm and ease the skin. The skin needs care and break after the dirt has been cleared away so as to start the regeneration of the skin.

Day 3: It is very necessary to use moisturizing products. Water is the most important factor to skin. Moisturizing products can give the skin plenty of water.

Day 4: Massage can help to improve the flabby and bloated skin. Massage can help to remove the toxins in the skin and therefore promote the metabolism.

Day 5: Start with diluting the spots to whitening the skin. Spots serious affect the whitening of the skin. Once the spots are eliminate the skin will become much whiter.

Day 6: Get rid of the wrinkle. Apply to good products that can get rid of the wrinkle quickly.

Day 7: Do facial mask. Facial mask is a great way to whiten the skin.



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