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Smartly Dress

It is easy for tall person to choose clothes while it is not for those who are short. So many people who are short often feel unconfident. May be choose clothes is quite a hard task for them. It seems that the clothes displayed in the market are only designed for tall person, in the matter of fact, it is not. There are also a lot of clothes designed for short people. Only if you choose properly can you find many nice clothes for you. Short people can become very beautiful by smartly dressed. How to do that? The secret is to learn how to create a taller silhouette by shopping and dressing smarter.

Shorter women have to learnt to avoid horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes can make your silhouette look longer, even a single vertical line works like a charm. Diagonal stripes have a similar effect. Looking for dresses with vertical lines rather than horizontal ones, you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes to your height.

Wear high-heel shoes. High-heel shoes elongate the legs and give the impression of thinner ankles, providing you don’t wear ankle straps that tend to thicken the leg. A higher heel makes you feel taller, boosts your confidence and improves your posture.







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