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Yoga Teacher Won't Tell You 15 facts

Yoga is one of the best alternative treatments that can clear people’s mind, body, and soul. And because people encounter different types of stressors every day, yoga is becoming popular all over the world especially to women.

Yoga teachers and instructors are considered to be yoga experts. That’s why people who consider yoga as a regular health practice do everything that their yoga teachers tell them.

However, there are some important facts that people should know about yoga and their instructors. And yoga students shouldn’t expect these things coming out from their yoga teachers.

1. “You’re not yet ready to take this class.”
Yoga has different levels. And as an assessment phase, new yoga students are asked about the extent of their knowledge on yoga. “It’s important that we know how much experience they have and whether they have any specific injuries” says Merlo, an instructor at the California Yoga Center.

Some students may say that they know a lot about yoga. But these students should be assessed further to make sure that they are really ready for the advanced class. Yoga is not a simple exercise and it is important to attend classes that match one’s skills.

2. “Yoga is hard”
It is really hard because it meant to be. Of course, people shouldn’t expect that coming out from a person who teaches yoga.

3. “Please clean your mats!”
Imagine how a mat soaked in sweat would smell after a day or two? In order to be healthy, make sure that cleanliness is also observed.

4. “I don’t know all the answers”
Don’t expect instructors to know all about yoga and everything related. In fact, some yoga teachers are pissed when other yoga instructors are claiming that they know everything and act as a guru.

5. “Yoga is not an instant solution”
Don’t expect yoga to instantly solve problems especially when it comes to one’s attitude. It is a process that needs people’s cooperation for best results.

6. “Teaching is torture sometimes”
Yoga teachers definitely love what they are doing. But at times, they feel that teaching is torture especially when they we’re not able to do their own practice for a while.

7. “Respect time and don’t be late”
Yoga teachers may still be smiling when a late student comes in and loudly slam the mat on the floor. But hey, time is important and everyone else in the class is also busy. Considering other people’s time is important.

8. “Observe proper hygiene”
Never forget to wear deodorant. It’s a must. Like stated above, cleanliness is required to be healthy.

9. “I’m not doing this to earn more money”
Yoga teachers earn less compared to other professionals out there. Yet they’re doing it because they love yoga and they deserve to be respected for that.

10. “There are some poses that I really don’t want to do”
Sure they know everything, but yoga teachers also have some poses they dread and avoid to do.

11. “ I wonder why people are overacting when it comes to yoga”
Some people are fully dressed with matching colorful and expensive mats and other accessories when they come to their yoga classes. Well, it’s not that it’s not right but yoga only requires willingness and a little space.

12. “There are times that I hate yoga”
Of course, yoga teachers have their mood swings too. And they deserve a break.

13. “I’m not a doctor”
Yoga teachers may ask about injuries and other health problems because they might affect your practice. However, people shouldn’t expect them to treat existing health problems and even answer health questions.

14. “Yoga is not a cure”
Though traditional yoga claimed that some stances can cure some health problems like headstand for insomnia, there are no hard evidences for this claim.

15. “Yoga can hurt you”
There are some yoga poses that are definitely risky like headstands. Head stands may raise the blood pressure and can make the blood rush to the head. This pose is also dangerous for someone who is being treated for glaucoma or for someone who recently suffered from a stroke. This stunt is also not applicable for students who are 30 pounds overweight. However, a good yoga teacher will know the risks of some stance and will keep an eye on everyone in case they’re doing the stunts improperly.

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