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A few simple hair tips

Have split ends got you down? Do you feel like the 80s snuck out of your closet and mauled your hair? Don’t worry. You are not alone. Millions of people the world over deal with split ends on a daily basis. You can be rid of this unsightly hair trauma by utilizing a few simple tips.


The first thing you need to decide when it comes to removing split ends is the choice between restorative actions or cutting them off. If receiving a sleek and trendy new hair cut is not on the agenda you will need to undergo extensive split end treatments to resurrect the life that has left your hair!
Split Ends

When it comes to the decision to treat their hair nightmare many people want to know how to get rid of split ends without cutting hair. In order to perform this hair care miracle you will need to first understand the causes for the creation of split ends. As the name suggests, split ends are strands of hair that have become so dry that they have split at the tip. What causes split ends? There are many factors, but they all lead to the existence of dry, brittle hair. A few of the common causes are exposure to sea water, chemical hair dyes, and improper hair care in general. If you simply must dye your hair avoid using chemical dyes. Work with a henna based product. This all-natural dye actually strengthens and improves the hair.

The best treatment for split ends is usually having the afflicted portions of hair cut off. This method is direct and simple. However, there are ways to repair minor split end issues. The most useful way to be rid of split ends will be to prevent their occurrence in the first place. Avoid using a fine toothed comb if you have curly hair, use specially designed combs for this. When you wash your hair it is important to wash the hair from the scalp downward. Jumbling it together in vigorous activity encourages tangles which lead to breakage. Conditioners are important for restoring dry hair to normal hydration levels. Some conditioners are actually bad for the hair. It is important to use one that leaves the hair feeling smooth and silky. You may need to buy an expensive shampoo and conditioner to manage your hair. If this is not a possibility then consider using a raw egg on your hair prior to bathing. This will provide protein. Using a decent, but cheaper shampoo and conditioner combo will be a viable option this way. Your hair will thank you!
split ends

It is important to avoid excessively drying the hair. A blow dryer can cause the hair to dry out and produce split ends. If these tips do not work to manage or control split ends then the introduction of jojoba oil may be necessary. This oil works wonders on split ends and can be found in many beauty supply stores and hair salons.

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