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healthy tips for fresh and glowing skin

A healthy body contains healthy and beautiful skin. Girls are possessive about there skin and sometime they find it difficult to care for it. due to changing hormones, pimples appear in some girls skin which is not accepted. Also due to constantly wearing makeup teenager they spoil there skin it become rough and maturity appears, thy should not play with their skin as it is most sensitive part of the body. All girls have different types of skin so there need for care are also different. Many girls also have the problem that in summer their skin is oily but in winter it is dry, this skin condition is normal.

There are some healthy tips for fresh and glowing skin:

1. Use cucumber masks twice a week.
2. Eat healthy things as acidity in stomach may be a cause of pimples.
3. In morning drink water containing lemon juice.
4. Use fresh fruits juices on your skin it will feel fresh.
5. If you have pimples clean your skin daily at night by cleansing lotion.
6. Milk is also effective on pimples.
7. Mix cream and lemon juice and apply it on your skin, it will softened it.
8. If you are allergic to sun light then wash your face thrice.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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