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How to get the zombie look

From the “Dead Island” videogame to the “Walking Dead” TV show to the upcoming Brad Pitt film “World War Z,” there can be little doubt that zombies are a hot commodity this year.

And goodness knows you don’t want to be left out of the undead trend. We know you’ve been practicing your zombie crawl and mumbling “brains” on your way to work.

How to zombify yourself in 30 minutes
Enlarge PAUL CHAPLIN, The Patriot-News Makeup artist Katie Engle, 26, of Susquehanna Township and owner of Dark Dream Productions applies a pale undead skin tone to the face of Sarah Zamora, 27, of Lower Paxton Township while turning Zamora into a zombie. PAUL CHAPLIN, The Patriot-News How to zombify yourself in 30 minutes gallery (18 photos)

* How to zombify yourself in 30 minutes
* How to zombify yourself in 30 minutes
* How to zombify yourself in 30 minutes
* How to zombify yourself in 30 minutes
* How to zombify yourself in 30 minutes

Yeah, that’s right, zombie lover. We’re on to you.

But while the walk might be perfect and the low moan ideal, they mean nothing if the look doesn’t cut the jugular — er, mustard.

Makeup artist Katie Engle, also known as Synade, of Susquehanna Twp. and owner of Dark Dream Productions, gave us tips on how you can master the zombie look in 30 minutes or less. Her final result might prove to be a bit gory, but you can be sure it’s a look that will be the hit of your neighborhood costume party this Halloween.

1. Decide where you want the wounds.

First things first: Where were you bitten? And how many times? These are key questions for any zombie. Plan out that wound, or two or three.

2. Place a small piece of paper towel on the bite wound area.

Use liquid latex on the outside area of the paper towel to attach it to your skin. Wait for it to dry. Once it’s dry, grab the center of the paper towel and rip upward. For a more gruesome, textured look, shred it well. To have a deeper bite wound, layer the paper towel.

3. Apply base color to face.

Opt for a pale yellow, green or white for your skin tone. Engle recommends Wolfe FX’s hydrocolor makeup, which can be purchased at www.wolfefxmakeup.com. The face-painting kits are around $3. When applying the color, add a bit of water to the face paint. Avoid the bite area and wait for it to dry.

4. Bring out the black eye shadow.

Go crazy with the eye shadow, applying it all over the eyelid and under the eye. This gives the traditional sunken-eye look that is vogue with the undead.

5. Add some blood.

Mix red face paint with a small amount of black. (Red face paint is usually too bright to be convincing as blood.) Add a small amount of water and apply to the bite wound.

6. Paint on wrinkles.

The dead don’t do facelifts, and neither do zombies. Take black face paint and make lines on the face to get the wrinkled, zombie look. Engle also adds some to the neckline to give a shadow under the chin. Mix well with the base color. Feel free to add as many wrinkles as you want.

7. Bloody up the mouth.

Zombies have no table manners. “Zombies always have bloody mouths because they are eating brains,” Engle said. Take the red face paint, add black to it and smear it around the mouth area. Take an eyedropper containing water and drip the water onto the lip area. Because the makeup is water-based, it should run. “I’ll then run my hand across it so it has the ‘I just had brains and then I wiped my mouth’ gooey look,” Engle said.

8. Finish the look.

Now that the makeup is done, it’s time to add the costume. Be sure it’s ripped, dirty and uncared for. Add in that stumble/shuffle and growl you’ve been practicing and voila! Welcome to the hordes of walking dead.

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