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Black lipstick

Black lipstick is back from… where ever it was. I guess back from the gothic times. Anyhow now it’s time to put it on your glorious lips and put them in the spotlight for some hours.
Black lipstick is no longer a shame to wear, however you should wear it the right way.

Here are some tips to wear your black lipstick in style.

* Make sure you have a clean skin. If your skin is not clean (who’s is?), make sure you have a very covering foundation that covers all your imperfections.
* Keep the rest of your make-up basic. Don’t put a lot of eyeshadow on and if you do: keep it black or another dark tone.
* Make sure your hair is loose and stylish.
* Don’t put blush on, you’ll look like a painting
* Paint your lips equally. Symmetry of your lips is very important.
* Don’t make your skin too white or you’ll look pale and sick (and gothic)

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