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Blue Lipstick Makeup

I know it sounds really weird, but I like the lipstick money so if you look apply a little lip gloss with a brush, then put a little blue shear shiny lip gloss over. I want a bit of both for the school, but the only place where I think everything is a Manic Panic, not only theirs is 10.80, which I refuse to pay for a single tube of any type of makeup, but it is too dark. I'm looking for a pale, shear, lipstick money. I have not found any yet brilliant blue. All answers are greatly appreciated. First Response really useful get ten points. (Do not decide not to respond simply because someone else, their response may not help me, even if this can help someone else) I do not want to hear how you think it is tacky. When done properly, it is really good. Only when you put sticky or how to properly apply it to those without skill. Even black lipstick looks good, not sticky when applied with skill.

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