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How to Have Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Having healthy, thick and long hair is the prerequisite for a good look. It is important to know what your hair needs so that you can make it look better. Long hair is beautiful only if it is healthy and shiny. Hair disease can appear due to stress and metabolic disorders. Sun, tobacco smoke and polluted air affect the beauty of your hair. As for hair loss in women this is affected by genetics, menopause, pregnancy and use of various chemical products. Unfavorable external conditions, a reduced intake of vitamins, minerals and amino acids damage the structure of hair and its follicle.

In order to have healthy hair we have to nourish it properly. What does it mean? The intake of minerals, vitamins, and proteins is necessary, but also food that is rich in substances that by biochemical processes attach free electricity radicals to themselves. Increase the intake of red fruit – blueberries, currants, strawberries.

Hard intellectual work can lead to increased hair loss. This is a major health problem, and may happen due to some genetic predisposition. At first hair is getting thinner, loses its elasticity and shine, and then in the end we face hair loss. For women this happens during the menopause, when the amount of esterogen in the body decreases and the level of male hormones testerogens increase. Androgenic hormones affect the hair root and are the cause of hair loss.

Wash your hair from the scalp to the tips and do not hold it wet on the top of the head. Massage the shampoo on the crown, and then on the whole hair to remove dirt from it. Do not rub it aggressively as you will damage it in this way. Do not make heavy foam because the effect is less. Let the shampoo act for a few minutes, then rinse your hair. For brushing wet hair use a comb with wide teeth, although it would be better to wait that hair dries completely. Rinse hair with cold water and use a hair dryer only if you really need it.

Do not exaggerate with hair styling products. Hair that looks natural and has the fullness necessary is much nicer. It is an indicator of health and beauty, too. If you have dandruff do not wash your hair with warm water, because you will irritate the scalp. Use lukewarm water. What is good for scalp is eating fruit and vegetables, integral cereals, olive and flax oil.

Massage the scalp with your fingers, from hair roots to the forehead, and then from the crown towards the nape. Hold the ear lobes with your thumb and index finger and massage them for about 3 minutes. In this way you will get rid of tension. Massage the face, too, from the central part of the face towards the ears, jaw and temples.

At some point long hair will start to split tips if you do not take care of it in the right way. The process starts from the hair tips towards its roots, so that it slowly overtakes the healthy parts. Not only will hair look aesthetically ugly, but also unhealthy. For prevention, do the following. Drench your hair, pull ahead wisp by wisp and cut above the damaged parts. Each woman that has long hair has faced a problem called “broken hair tips.” You can do this by yourselves. Stoop, brush your hair over your head, get hair tips wet and cut above the damaged and damaged parts. You can cut the fringes yourselves, too. Brush the fringes towards the eyebrows, and tie the rest of the hair using a rubber band or clip. Then, take a wisp of fringes between two fingers and tighten it. Cut a half centimeter below the eyebrows with the scissors. Finally, brush your hair again and check whether the ends are cut straight.

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