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2011 the world the first global face Emma Watson inventory makeup look

Emma Watson with movie "Harry Potter" around the world before, with classical and elegant temperament and modern fashion beauty. She was the only 19 in the 21 st century the best selling actress, and at the same time also is fashionable giant announced the devil with female love, wisdom and the coexistence of her beauty is very popular among of everybody love!

Delicate facial feature, mixed with the classical aesthetic feeling and when, very perfect. Pinkish purple eye shadow make charming eyes, very black eyebrow and glittering lips very fascinating!

Darling changed shift, a brown hair foil into small woman flavour, rebellious in take bit of charm, light earth look eye shadow proper rendering the body gently punk style!

A maiden temperament, not too much makeup look to decorate, the natural color lips collocation brown eyebrows give a person a kind of youth feeling.

Emma Watson is changeful beauty, she has the aesthetic feeling, small and pure and fresh rebellion of beauty, elegant temperament of aesthetic feeling, no matter how to change, are so charming, big red lips give another amorous feelings, very fascinating!

Light makeup look, also can see light small freckles, let the sweet little beauty, appearing a shares an resist the natural beauty.

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