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6 suction beauty makeup of eye, teach you Hold live annual meeting

White-collar workers in a year of hard work, usually can not to dress and in the annual meeting is just to seize the opportunity to demonstrate during your charm, you ready to attend the annual meeting what makeup look? Are you ready to cosmetics and makeup tools to paint a beautiful and beautiful makeup look? Come a few fashion to attend the annual inventory makeup look.

[caption id="attachment_368" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sephora make-up station"]

1.nature naked makeup

Naked makeup to the person of heavy makeup subversion impression, give a person a kind of pure and fresh and natural feeling, the naked makeup, we can choose sephora cosmetics Taiwan first second column on the left of the earth look eye shadow, not only natural and can strengthen eye ministry stereo feeling; Cheek is red can choose pink department make it look more energetic; Lipstick is choice and their own lips similar color; Eyelash root root only clear, look line also is like concealed as long as can be.

2. Lovely style

If the annual meeting is for theme party, dress up can also choose to suit oneself personality and age of lovely wind. Makeup look key lies in the lovely wind bright color, can use Sephora makeup taichung pink department eye shadow with pink cheek is red and red lipstick, use eyelash creams and look into the eyes of the one god make a pair of bright, thick coils become warped eyelash is also key.

3. Mix build style

Work at ordinary times when working environment, will control his dress dress, at the convention, in fact also can choose your favorite color, change a mix build wind makeup look, personality, can choose sephora dresser of citric yellow, with coral cheek is red.

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