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A born beauty, eight steps out of flawless skin

Point: partition powdery bottom make color of skin more natural
T word parts, cheek apple muscle and the position of the mandibular with plaster big range daub, these places of skin texture compares level, according to the same direction big range paint, even color, the effect will be very natural. The rest of the nose, lips and eye week position requires the point with sponge local on block defect.

Select the brush with elastic hardness, from the outside to face daub skin radiation help too, create even color of skin. The obvious way to cover with paint pore percentage act the role ofing, other such as black rim of the eye, smallpox scars, and spot with sponge touched take powdery bottom local press, like the block defect cream way, can achieve 80% block defect effect, specific supernatural bottom makeup steps, we go see!

Step1: first daub of milk or segregation frost act in face, can make the skin moist some and carry bright skin color.
Step2: fingers from inside to outside radial ground daub to open, and use a palm temperature warm whole face, the better makeup.

Step3: powdery bottom brush touched take powdery bottom frost or fluid foundation, the method of using a circle a circle of drag gently, dip the face is half the amount.
Step4: for now as the center to outside brush, the tactics in the direction of arrow in figure, DaHeng back and forth to brush will make many natural texture, see traces of paint.

Step5: after the cheek of bottom makeup, the point with sponge can let bottom makeup more evenly, and at the same time for the parts of the pore bulky plays very good cover role.
Step6: the forehead, nose, chin these places use powdery bottom brush painting small round the ground powder, also is the large area ground brush on.

Step7: check the face and those flaws or small fine lines, with sponge or stomach with some block defect cream press cover.
Step8: in the powdery bottom and block defect finished, don't forget to brush on honey powder calm makeup, so you "a born beauty" temperament to last all day!

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