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Chanel colour makeup, deduce Europe type big eye makeup representations

Introduction: there is always a eye makeup, let you like unceasingly, so charming queen stylish rider makeup look, only the chanel every year can be a very good perfect to come out now, delicate look line, large areas of eye shadow dizzy catch, the eyelash with root trenchant root is creating a European big eye makeup brushwork, here is to enjoy this group together under the delicate eye makeup!

Colour makeup division with beautiful ShiGuang colour, bright color of psychedelic metal eye shadow area of the daub on the on eye shadow, covering the whole eye socket, in the blink of the process, can blink of charming brilliance.

Below the eye to carry bright, this can let whole eye look more thorough bright, it is the whole transparent is the key of makeup look well.

To create the eyelash with root trenchant root is the key of makeup chanel, colour makeup division careful model daub to give delicate zero of tangled eyelash. Because only that eyelash can let you look more beautiful, and thick and seems to grow as natural growth.

Model also will blot out with root trenchant root out the next eyelash, but carefully, daub next eyelash, as this would also let the whole eye makeup look more delicate.

Big model deduce the Chanel colour makeup, mixed with a little blue argent eye appear very spell able, and delicate lip shape describe also let model of lip shape nice and charming.

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