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Japanese style PK South Korea makeup look

Cane Lena (Lena) is well now Japan superman gas magazine "ViVi" opening the charge, is nowadays is the most popular day is beauty. Often in the department makeup look, sweet but person homepage, won the Japanese domestic and foreign high popularity.

The hybrid Lena, facial features more abstruse taking a lead, the makeup look a little small mature, the color of eye shadow and coffee with shallow golden tie-in, choose carefully look line collocation long and become warped the eyelash of the roll, let this piece of half-blood faces more attractive.

Delicate facial feature, draw up on the cat's eye charm makeup, is exquisite and not massiness, a little girl that, no roan bottom makeup foil the wipe charming red lip, appear more characteristics!

DaoHuizhi,is the south Korean well-known network young beauty, as well as a model. She looks like pure and fresh and sweet, so most with pure and fresh makeup look primarily makeup look, but its clothing, modelling is often on the change, the traditional Korean big curly hair, Taoist head, even lovely local editing < XiaoHan, pure and fresh makeup all into control, became nowadays young girl rushed to imitate.

Powdery pink cheek is red, DaoHuizhi foiling good skin, Korean small and pure and fresh makeup look advantages to show without involuntary discharge of urine, brown beauty of the pupil, and light golden brown eye shadow collocation is very have neighbour sister feeling.

Or with light naked makeup shows a person, just eye makeup became the focus of this makeup look, thick eyeliner collocation under the eyelash of the fine, let an eye look more a god, light and thick brown eyebrow makeup is very natural, and eye makeup supplement each other.

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