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Lock will learn DIY mask

Honey Mask

The role of honey: honey has strong moisture resistance, can absorb moisture from the air, you can better prevent the skin surface evaporation loss. Contains a variety of acids, these substances have a strong bactericidal effect, combined with its moisture, nutrition and so on, can effectively remove or reduce facial pimples, acne, helps to eliminate dark spots and other facial spots.

Honey Mask: honey, 1 spoon, 1 milk, 1 egg, mix well made ​​mask, the face with a cotton swab coated with a thin layer, wash with warm water after 20 minutes.

Freckle honey mask: 1 honey, 1 part glycerine, 3 parts water, 1 part flour, made ​​from mixed surface covered cream, spreads the surface after 20 minutes, washed with water, this method is bad for ordinary dry wilt skin.

Whitening Mask honey: honey can be absorbed by the body contains a large number of amino acids, enzymes, hormones, vitamins and carbohydrates, a nourishing skin care cosmetic effect. With honey diluted with water 2-3 times daily surface covered, make the skin smooth and delicate.

Honey Acne Mask: 1 spoonful of honey, half teaspoon salt and a natural egg whites. The egg white and salt and stir until bubbling, then stir into the honey. Apply after cleansing the face, avoid touching the eyes and lips around. Apply one to two minutes, until dry protein after cleansing with warm water, then cold washed once more, and then wipe dry.

Yogurt Mask

The role of yogurt: yogurt lactic acid, a good moisturizing effect, as well as exfoliating effects, rapid recovery of the skin can be shiny, smooth.

Aloe Yogurt Mask

Effect: anti-wrinkle, whitening, skin detail

Ingredients: fresh aloe vera tablets, honey, yogurt

Practice: Aloe, peeled and smashed the meat, and honey, yogurt mixture and mix thoroughly with the pulp side coated side gently massage.

Strawberry yoghurt mask

Efficacy: beat your blain blain

Material: strawberry 4 grain, flour 1 small spoon, yogurt, a little honey 1 small spoon

Practice: rinse clean with clear water will strawberry, to extract juice. The bread flour and yogurt mixture into the strawberry juice and honey and mix well. Wipe wet coated in the face, and kept for 15 minutes to wash away.

Red wine Mask

As is known to all, red wine face film is deep beauty king big S love, and the effect is very significant. So, we also to DIY once, to make for yourself the close-fitting red wine mask.

The role of red: the red wine for the recovery from the skin mask and maintenance effect is extremely high. The role of the active skin cells are very obvious.

Red wine nourishing mask

Efficacy: go to dead skin, nourish skin

Practice: will plastic containers washing clean air, if there are conditions, best can put in the ark the disinfection disinfection. Will a mask of paper into plastic containers, pour into red wine, face film paper once contact water would immediately up big, the amount of red wine into a purplish to drown the mask is advisable. Wash your hands open face, apply is on the face, feel the mask the moisture on the time semiarid take can.

DIY tip: itself skin allergic to alcohol had better not use this face film, and the red mask best use at night, because the skin dead skin removed if go out in the sun, it will speed up the ageing of the skin.

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