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Teach you how to create an attractive pink lips

(Reproduced) This summer, Lips are nude lip color-based play, such as vanilla-like fragrance and moving, while the combination of beige and pink color of mature and lovely tender and lovely "pink meat", it is this season's popular colors .

Close to the meat pink lip color, lipstick color will be the perfect lip color and combined, so that the two interacting with each other.

1, Along with Maybelline Crystal Collagen lipstick mouth began to spread inward, describing the lip contour.

2, Aith no smearing lipstick over the filled parts of the middle, about 2 times back and forth, so that even lip color.

3, The lip with a paper towel absorb the excess oil, so you can make the lips more durable.

4, Again in the lips with lipstick evenly coated with a layer of the central, so you can add lip gloss and three-dimensional.

5, Depicts the upper and lower lips with lip liner at 1 ~ 2cm, so you can make the lips look more three-dimensional contours.

6, Be careful with light-colored lip pencil outline on Chun Feng, a perfect lip is complete.

At the same time, using the same color of blush can make lips look more plump and sweet.

7, Fully dipped in pink paint with natural skin-friendly Maybelline blush, from the highest point along the cheekbone direction of the brush tip.

8, Using the residual blush, lightly brush in the lower jaw at. Well, you're done, is not particularly tempted you?

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