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The red stripe of DIY Christmas 2011 workers, the romantic festal atmosphere fingertips

[From Seven beautiful women nets]Introduction: near Santa, streets are put the Jingle Bell lively music. And this time you will have a lot of party party waiting for you, today have teach all the DIY Christmas of 2011 workers, add atmosphere for the festival. At the same time also let you become the attract eyes that a!!!!

Snowflakes design nail salon workers
Christmas is not just a snowman and elk, today we have more vogue and interesting design, ready to your nail polish, take your pen is coming, and we started!
Step 1: the first two layers of blue fingers daub to render a oil, then wait for dry, brush with nail salon workers touched take a white oil, in the edge of the nails painted like the pine needles trigeminal line as shown in figure, at the end of the line to extend to you in the middle of the nails.

Setp 2: in every line again at the end of the painting two "V" shaped, in the most at the end of a than the front of a painting of a little longer. Change size, some nails is half of the snowflakes, some nails can be a complete.

Look at your hands, blue and white contrast is very striking, is the snow not very good-looking? You may also play imagination, painting and a few different snowflakes figure.

You need to prepare: red, blackish green, white, aureate nail polish, a nail salon workers brush. If you think 4 color too complicated bad master, small make up recommend you try red + gold stripes nail salon workers, a look at the following illustration!

Step 1: first, by the nails painted a golden armour inclined oil, must choose with subtle enough of a paillette shine. Then use nail salon workers touched take a big red brush oil, in golden on both sides of the outline.

Step 2: in nail low-end (close to half) red line next to the next to place, brush with nail salon workers touched take a blackish green color oil, draw a straight line. Then use white nails at the other end of the red line painted by a straight line. In the white line later use a blackish green color painting a line. Finally the top of all and low-end blank with golden armour oil filled. You need enough careful, don't panic, composed painted.

This is done, look is a gorgeous? But also contain thick Christmas breath!

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