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Three-dimensional makeup, let you immediately say goodbye to popeye

Popeye girls told me that they are often very frustrating, this tutorial is to teach you how to use makeup to change facial features, so big you turned 360 degrees, not envy other people's eyes.Eyes to a lot of girls in distress, how to paint if not all the same color, but also appears to bubble with a bad eye. In fact, once you have the skills, within the eyes can also be exceptionally attractive.

Create focus: the width of the narrow inner eyelid eyes, in order to exaggerate the eye, be sure to avoid the rough outline of the liner. Eyelid tape can be adjusted. You can choose beige eye shadow colors, applied in the folds, visually expanding the range of double-fold.

And folds, like the skin inside the eye where the relatively flat, it can be the first true color with light-colored shape Maybelline eye shadow primer, prominent eyes, around the three-dimensional. Backing from the eye socket to the range is probably at Meishan.

Lies within the eyelid characteristic point looming on the eyelid folds, we can use this enchant a level change in eye makeup. First in the eye socket marked light blue eye shadow, not too much range, about one-third of the eyelid can be.

At the lower eyelid, from the middle part of the region to the outer corner of eye shadow with a gray outline. They do not necessarily have to draw a line along the eye-shaped, a little at the end of eye can expand the scope out horizontally, make eyes become gentle and lovely, especially the lifting eyes of the people most able to highlight the effect.

Finally, taken shape lasting eye liner eye liner tick, make sense of swelling disappeared completely.

In this way a perfect eye makeup to create finished! Is not particularly God? Especially beautiful? And the eyes than the original feeling of much larger? As long as the intentions of these, you will find a great change!


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