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Beautiful brockovich whitening recommend, wash the rice vinegar water whitening method is the most effective

Introduction: Beautiful brockovich mentioned in the show the highest state of whitening, is the same as for brides white beauty, because all of the bride is very high whitening requirements. The program also discussed the "wash the rice water whitening method and vinegar can really beautiful white?" Below we also come to study with the skin care method, interest friends went together and see it!

Wash the rice water whitening
Wash rice water why can whitening, this is because the white rice contains water soluble "water-soluble vitamin" and "minerals", and of those, including a lot of vitamin B group. Pure natural not exciting, so suitable for all kinds of skin use, wash everyday is fine. As long as a day in the morning and 1, with wash rice water, wash your face, can achieve tender skin whitening role well. But want to notice, beautiful skin with water wash meters, is not literally of wash the rice water will do the oh. The homemade teach people how to wash a face to water, together and see it!

Material: rice, tap water
Step1. Rice into containers, pour into tap water.
Step2. Will be the first time the rubbing water away again, pour into water, leaving the second time the rubbing wash the rice water. Set aside.
Step3. Will spare wash the rice water precipitation all night, and took the form of rice water wash ivory, into the basin that wash a face.
Step4. Wash the rice water into about 1.5 times the warm water. Such beautiful skin wash the rice water completed, can be directly bring face!

Vinegar can whitening
As we all know, vinegar is very good hairdressing product, for women, still can have beautiful white spot efficacy, but you have to use a correct method, do not cause the skin instead worse and worse, and recommended for everybody below two simple vinegar whitening method.

Whiten spot
Use white vinegar with TCM atractylodes macrocephala koidz with right amount, seal for a week. Used after washing a face every day, in the place daub long spot, insist for a long time can make freckles eliminate and make skin white.

Delicate skin
There will be 250 g walnut 500 grams of vinegar, seal saved in the glass, 10 days later can unpacking. Daily drinking 1 TBSP, insist to drink can improve the skin coarse, dark heavy effect etc.

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