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Create new makeup full-color good luck

Guide language: New Year new atmosphere, today share with you a very sweet Korean makeup, elegant eye shadow colour and flawless look line, for you add colour mac makeup new information.

This type of light color, very pure sweet Korean makeup look is touched your heart? Why not go get them!

Use light yellow to render do gezer, uniform flat on your eyelid with all around.

Among the eyelid with meat pink shading, must even.

Garnish with pink eye shadow in the eye end 3 Angle area printing and dyeing.

The last is next eye shadow, with the pink line of the next three points in one of dizzy catch.

Look line, draw good radian and bold, eye head to pay attention to keep it clean, do not dizzy catch the extent.

False eyelash is very important, must stick in the eyelash root.

Natural camber, with brown eyebrow powder brush vacancy eyebrows.

Finally fill the cheek is red and labial makeup, cheek is red also is to use tender however tender pink, lip color will delicate nature.

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