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Four big eye makeup law steps, make hybrids beautiful eyes

Introduction: All the girls have a pair of mixed race to the beautiful corona eyes, let a lot of girls admire. Today specially for bringing a half-blood eye makeup law, as long as four steps, can own half-blood schoolgirl people like the magic eye!

Strengthen the contour become half-blood beauty
Only draw look line is not to feel drab, makeup effect of the focus on the eye contour abstruse feeling, and then to natural look line up for eyes add cent, change a golden look line, eyes immediately change vivid eyes!

1, mist side coffee eye shadow, make eye socket abstruse feeling
With round head eye shadow is brushed, with earth look eye shadow, eyebrows at the bottom of the triangle eye sunken place with back, will become deep type eyes, nose ChuBian mount more stereo. Again with powder after more than to eye socket place, make natural shadow feeling, stereo eye type instantly form!
POINT: to natural abstruse feeling makeup effect, want to choose the eye shadow is key to the fog.

2, bead light eye shadow play bright eye head, adds eye lively touch
Quality of a material of bead light touched take eye shadow, using brush do a third eye head before make a bright, remember to picture below next eyelash root, so it can make crystal through the effect of charming?

3, golden look line pile on, increase the eye makeup administrative levels feels
The golden look line drawn in the original rise above the line, it is to be in originally simple eye makeup on the ornament of a little, if feel too exaggeration, can only paint eye end after 1/3 place will do.

4, PLUS! If the look below, eyes more amplification
Choose bevel eye shadow is brushed, with polished metallic color with quality of a material of eye shadow, also painted on the eyelash root place, so can let an eye look more, have more abstruse!

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