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South Korean actress of the Korean eye ministry makes up method, "Trouble Maker "Kim Hyun A charm makeup look tutorial

Introduction: "small wild horse" Kim Hyun A latest song "Trouble Maker," with the close-fitting sexy Beast -ZhangXianSheng dance, lead to A great attention. The song style of music can let people listen to is fascinating, Kim Hyun A in MV, dressed in A tight miniskirts, to draw sootiness makeup and evil spirit be puzzled red lips and the attitude of hold up person let "wild ponies" sexy could not be undone. Do you want to know the Trouble Maker "in the eyes of Kim Hyun A makeup is how to draw? Now to see the next south Korean actress of the Korean eye ministry makes up graphic method!
Kim Hyun A can of this is reminiscent of the little cat that "the cat's eye makeup", using look line of eye shadow and gradient gimmick, make eye glamour instant rise.
A. Cat's eye makeup
1. Want to draw out the Xuan of gradual "cat's eye makeup", the first in the eye socket and look below the part USES daub render eye frost, and then put the cream with aureate eye shadow in the eye, used to render, pay attention to choose color last long eye cream.
2. Use liquid eyeliner draw look line, draw the look line, want to use "fill" methods will fill in the gaps between the eyelash.
3. Two steps before completion of the effect.

4.With cosmetic brush rough look line daub natural some.
5. Use eye shadow brush for eye with brown eye shadow.
6. Finally fingers daub khaki eye shadow.

Complete eye makeup need in eye eyebrow bone after the daub on white eye shadow, can build a splendid eye makeup!

B. Red restoring ancient ways
1. Want to draw Xuan, red lip restoring ancient ways, first with block defect pen disguised the side of the mouth of defects.
2. Use block defect liquid gently press cover the original lip color.
3. In order to make a gradual change effect, use a small amount of colour makeup brush sticking point of gradual change effect.
4. Final daub lip gloss, completion of Xuan of this wet smooth lip makeup!

Eye makeup and labial makeup is done, everyone compares! Similarity reached 100%!

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