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Teach you how to turn plain yan makeup, pure and fresh and natural makeup makeup skills

Introduction: In this s no longer make-up prevailed, now the most popular colour makeup is naked makeup, like plain yan, pure and fresh and natural makeup to make people feel special youth, then how to the plain yan makeup? Below to learn natural makeup makeup skills, creating your own a delicate makeup look.

First, powdery bottom is very important, how to choose the color pink?
Powdery bottom color in the choice of the time want to co-operate with neck skin color, such use before won't have the feeling of disconnected. Many female friends have a facial whitening care habit, it would be easier to make the face skin than neck more white, so if don't choose suitable powdery bottom color, can let the separation of the more obvious sense, to feel like a thick makeup of general.

Second, bottom makeup makeup steps.
Makeup before the render to block defect cream frost, powdery bottom
Makeup before the frost can render the effective protection good skin, also can help the back of the process, let makeup look more apply during make-up, render frost completed it needs to face more dark place with block defect cream cover once, and then the use of foundation of large area daub, unfavorable use too much powdery bottom, even pat open let bottom makeup more natural.

Three, the basis of powdery cake makeup method
In besmear of powdery cake, many friends used to sponge continuously many times repeatedly touched take powdery cake in the face daub, actually that's not reasonable. The correct method should be a gently apply adequate amount of powdery cake with, then evenly daub is on the face, let makeup look once is completed, don't need more makeup.

Four, make up tools option is very important
To makeup girl character, make up the tool is their inspiration, so the choice of disguise tool is very important. Take the sponge figuratively, the thickness of the sponge directly influenced the effect after daub, too thin sponge will affect the power of daub, in daub when the more easily with the thick. So in the makeup of the time want to take the lower half of the sponge, do not need too hard in the daub on the skin.

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