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Breakfast hollow drink yogurt really hurt a stomach?

[Reading] Yogurt drink at breakfast? The problem can be more than one person asked, like milk can hollow drink, confused with many many people. However, the reason not bian unknown, always want to move the brain to analysis, to find the theory and research evidence.

A friend asked me: yogurt drink at breakfast?

She says: sometimes come morning, the children will make and want to drink yogurt. Every day he go to the kindergarten eat breakfast, but leave home before always want something to eat. I remember said hollow drink yogurt is bad, is determined not to let his drink. Actually I also love the yoghurt, just considering the hollow drink yogurt taboo, the time of breakfast can never drink, all is the wait until the evening just drink. Actually I also do not understand, hollow drink yogurt, what is the harm?

The problem can be more than one person asked, like milk can hollow drink, so many kinds of the people. However, the reason not bian unknown, always want to move the brain to analysis, to find the theory and research evidence.

In the Internet to find a later, found that so-called can't drink yogurt reason there were three:

1 yogurt contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria, hollow when drinking, lactic acid bacteria in the high acidity stomach easily large number of death, the loss of part of the health care function. Eat a lot of food after, stomach acid descend, can better let lactic acid bacteria play a role.

2 yogurt acidity is too high, can stimulate the stomach, cause discomfort, hurt a stomach.

3 and milk can't hollow drink reason, yogurt protein content is rich, so hollow drink protein will become waste energy.

These reasons exactly right?

1, yogurt isn't very sour things?

Read online these reasons, I tell her: if the yogurt is not very acid, so just as well at the breakfast drink. Unless it is a gastric ulcer and gastric acid too many people, should avoid to eat sour food on an empty stomach. If it's indigestion, stomach acid is too low, so have a meal of the time the yoghurt, on the contrary, have promote digest role.

She was surprised to stare big eyes: yogurt isn't very sour things?

I said: no. Yogurt production principle, make use of the milk "casein" meet the characteristics of acid precipitation. Casein temper is that once the pH dropped to 4.6, it will become a clotting blocks. We cook with vinegar, pH values are usually in three or so, and stomach acid can low of 1.5 below. Say so, yogurt acid, compared with acid acid, can only say that fraction.

The country's consumer common xi sweet anaerobic acid, so in the market of fresh yogurt is not too high acidity. Only after a long put, acidity, rising, just can have very sour feeling. And a lot of people know, drinking first drink yogurt, use it to protect the gastric mucosa, reducing alcohol on the stomach of damage. Visible, the sour milk itself is protecting stomach to food.

Visible, if do not have too much acid and gastric ulcer, hollow drink yogurt hurt a stomach that basically stand.

2, hollow drink yoghurt reduced health value?

So lactic acid bacteria of death? She asked.

Indeed, on an empty stomach acid high concentration, lactic acid bacteria in acid environment to death, affect their health care value. But, even without the health value and nutritional value in! And no free!!!!! Even though there is no lactic acid bacteria, overall nutritional role of yogurt, still superior to the milk.

And, in addition to hungry feeling strong, before the stomach is not must be completely empty, stomach acid content are not very high. So, lactic acid bacteria may not be all killed. Even if a lot of lactic acid bacteria after death, part of the health care function may have some effect, but the nutritional value still not affected. Research proves, lactic acid bacteria of the bacteria fragments and extract still have certain health care function, drink the total is better than not to drink.

In fact, we buy common yoghurt (by Bulgaria and lactobacillus fermentation and streptococcus thermophilus cultured into) the lactic acid bacteria itself is not on the transplant, and it is a had sexual health care bacteria. Only a yogurt colon bacillus coli, such as some specific health strains can only hope to transplant.

So, eat common yoghurt, as long as it comfortable stomach, need not worry too much time.

3, hollow drink yogurt waste protein?

In fact, the sour milk nutrient composition is very suitable for generations with meals. Say what would be a waste of protein, just don't understand yogurt under the condition of the composition of speculation, in science and not sustained. Why? Look at my calculation to know.

100 grams of yogurt seasoning, standard value is 2.3% protein content, fat 2.5%, sugar 7%, lactose, and almost 3%. That is, it's total energy about for 72 kilocalorie. Among them from the energy of the protein how many? Only 12.7%. And from carbohydrates energy as high as 55.6%. That is, the sour milk source of the three major nutrients than is very reasonable, right in the ideal of nutrition society recommendation of scope. Now that carbohydrates so rich and easy to digest, and how can waste protein?

In other words, if because work favour a meal can not eat, might as well buy a bottle of yogurt prepared in advance, work while drinking, than with chocolate cookies to deal with a meal to more reasonable!

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