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Eye ministry maintenance

As is known to all, the thickness of the eye skin degree only a third of the facial skin. That is because, eye skin epidermis and corneous smaller, high penetration. Therefore, use special care products that eye truth is in this.

Eye week skin to absorb degree is 300 times?

For example, if the body skin protects skin to absorb is 1 times, so eye skin protect skin to taste absorption ability of is 300 times. So, eye ministry dry lines, fine grain to appear early, it is for skin care products supply enough, maintenance is not in place causes.

The easy absorption of small molecules do not grow adipose bead

You need to use some easy absorption, molecular small eye care products for maintenance and protect skin. In addition, on the quality of a material for, relaxed, gel, gel texture of the moisturizing eye skin care products suitable for young women use. And partial moist model eye frost suitable for ripe age women. Many young women in advance in order to maintain, started to use eye moist model, and also caused the skin burden, the long adipose bead.

The eye also need protection?

Well, although it than ordinary skin to thin, but also have prevent bask in demand. Ultraviolet ray also can destroy the skin's elasticity organizations, to damage it fracture, grow wrinkles. Some brand also have launched contain eye care product to prevent bask in index, or go out and then put on dark glasses. Are defense, protection eye skin to splurge.

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