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Flexible skin care that an outlet product reuse

Spring, the cosmetics renewal will follow. However, for many love defeated, love of beauty buy concerned, because do not love with, burn and hoard beauty makeup is tasted can be a big problem. Abandon a pity, but idle only on the shelf, what's the method of kill two birds with one stone, can let these products we waste heat? More than beauty editors, called beauty: and the readers to share the rich practical use coup!

Cream, latex can be used that way!

Idle index: ★★★★

Cream: large capacity of cream, is the most easy to store up goods sheet is tasted one. 80% of respondents said, tried a lot of methods to use of cream.

Confused: buy the large capacity of cream, burn, how to do?

Solution: ever will burn cream used as a mask, kill two birds with one stone.

Cream become mask

To finish with cream, can apply a thick layer, sleep overnight use as a mask. Of course also should consider to skin problems, if dry, then can choose quality of a material is rich cream; If for oily, so this method may cause adipose bead.

Emulsion: because frivolous quality of a material, every qiu dong, many is applicable to the use of chun xia emulsion already cannot satisfy skin demand, emulsion has become extremely easily under the store when change garments according to the "remain product". The following a few action magical way, the hope for everyone with inspiration.

Confused: face with in the body is prevented bask in consumption, have the benefit of the body to prevent bask in law?

Solution: actually body milk and segregation frost mixed, can achieve prevent bask in the effect!

And isolation mix cooperation to prevent bask in the body

With the rest of the summer frivolous emulsion do? As for a with SPF index isolation, and emulsion mediate, can prevent bask in the body as the fall. Two models of idle product mix build use, can resist ultraviolet ray, whether very cost-effective?

Confused: always want a BlingBling body cream, yet feel not quite moist or fragrance not lasting?

Solution: when vaseline met pearl powder, a Bling body milk on the born!!!

And pearl powder body cream mixed cooperation

A very accidental opportunity, tried to put a few pearl powder and into the vaseline, shake well, to arm a wipe, thin bead light shine immediately, quality of a material is also does not break and soft. Can the mood according to oneself, to reconcile the different color bead light, on the market to buy than the joint. But note that must choose very fine pearl powder, or bead light is very easy to fall.

Confused: sensitive skin, for the chemical chamfer try to keep out of it, to the physical cutin and helpless, how to do?

Solution: the emulsion and the combination of white sugar, bring unexpected chamfer the effect!

With sugar or salt mixed cutin

As a sensitive muscle, has been mixed with white sugar olive oil to pledge, but in the long run, adipose bead it come up. Then tried to put sugar hybrid emulsion, indeed as expected, the massage effect are by no means of oil products, and poor white sugar particles melts, also with the emulsion fusion, face massage. It is worth noting that, this step for washing before milk do, because the emulsion quality of a material is rich, can cause the follow-up of skin care cream not absorbed.

Make up water, can be used that way!

Confused: all kinds of different ingredients to make up water, total feel put long enough fresh, want to use up as soon as possible!

Solution: moisturizing lotion, can still the United States makeup is tasted

When spray

Find a idle empty spray bottle, will burn into the make up water, can carry, used as a moisturizing or hair spray.

Solution: alcoholic make up water, can be used for cleaning product

For with thin skin for me, I will choose the day that contains alcohol to make up water, directly as a clean face product, not repeated clean cause stimulation, also can wipe go fat.

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