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How to solve the problem of the annoying skin defects

You most admire others? If you are a girl, in addition to outside money, have you ever envy envy hate those who have watery skin women? It is hard for us to make up for the regret of life, but I have to think of a way to set out to fix it, face "cleaning" to start!

The most annoying skin defects ranked

TOP1: blain blain blain to imprint,

TOP2: eyebrow tattoo, embroidered eyebrow fade after

TOP3: various spots

Beauty makeup industry are in with what method Hold in skin defects?

M.A.C makeup division senior North America Fatima Thomas said: "spray is the best helper, daub makeup the powdery bottom, then use after moisturizing spray with paper towel press absorption, let moisturizing factor and the fluid foundation, finished with powdery cake or fusion powder before use a moisturizing spray, and paper towel press absorption, spray 2 times, and can not only make moisturizing spray powdery bottom and skin, and can increase the total integration of water embellish degrees, this will build a star favorite naked feeling good skin."

Mr. P teach you a few action

Colour makeup block defect-sunburn can also become lovely, in view of the large area of small freckles skin, can use block defect pen to block defect.

1, choose to contain to brush a head block defect pen, quality of a material is water embellish, block defect effect and natural, and with a certain burnish feeling.

2, with block defect in liquid coating spotted position, with the temperature of the stomach gently pat open, and the facial expression of the surrounding a join.

Avoid by all means, do not use the powdery bottom to cover after spots, thick pink not only lose the effect of block defect, and will make your face makeup feeling become too thick!

Colour makeup block defect-let your skin more clean

1, according to dark heavy, rough skin type of girl, primary job is to cutin.

2, the choice and their spots close to the color of block defect frost, pat in the spotted position, and to point to an abdomen is dizzy.

3, with one side of the block defect brush dips in take, take in the position of some spots, then use to block defect on the other side of the brush the edge position is dizzy.

4, with the powder or eye protect wet model powder do calm makeup.

Cover eyebrow tattoo--let you print the eyebrows more change

1, in yellow modified milk to turn green and has the eyebrows.

2, the choice of the thick texture of block defect pen, it is easier to cover the trace of the eyebrow tattoo.

3, close to the color of skin powdery cake solid will block defect pen again to the parts of the press again block defect.

Blain blain blain to imprint, the block defect method

1, blain blain cover: choose pink color close with the block defect cream; Dip in with the brush apply adequate amount, and then some pressure in the blain blain above, then by clicking a block defect of the finger parts parts around, let block defect cream and bottom makeup naturally together.

2, the blain to imprint cover: block defect cream color will than bottom makeup again, or a number of shallow half, use light reflection principle, let sag blain blain is not obvious.

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