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If your beauty sleep sleep well not so easy to old

10 PM every night to go to bed, let you do a darling child, watching TV, playing computer, just to sleep a beauty sleep. Occasionally a day or two a line still, if let you long-term away from modern life, from now on to the pace of the old people, whether you'll be mad! Your beauty sleep sleep about the attention, you know?

Sleep not to turn off the lights melanin decomposition is slow

As the human body skin a big defense organs, days feel light, it is the ability to resist the switch on. Everything needs to rest and to go off work, the key point is "light". Because the skin cells in sleep will start to repair itself, if sleep still feel the light, can greatly reduce melanin decomposition, to lose sleep beautiful flesh effect, so there is no need to please remember to turn off the lights before words!

Don't early or late 10 p.m. is beginning

A maintenance of the girls know to consciousness of sleeping beauty sleep, but modern life after all is not militarized management, excellent in night began, you are willing to give up? That how to give skin a good night repair time, every night, 10 a.m. to 2 a.m., skin metabolism is the most robust time periods, if you can go to bed at 10, 11 points not too late start, but must not miss this golden repair time.

Skin care products improve your beauty sleep maintenance effect

Skin oxidation, by free radicals, aging or sooner or later will find only by the gold repair itself every night time enough, you need to match some resistance, the old products to repair your beauty sleep to help him out. Wakes up the next day to have perfect as smooth skin.

Nervous reduce sleep quality

Sometimes if you found that, even is the awakening of a skin condition is still very poor. This comes from sleep emotions, if your nerves in keeping with nervous condition, skin repair ability is will reduce the. Therefore, before sleeping can make some face massage, foot massage to relax nerve. Not only can promote the blood circulation, also can relax.

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