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Out of 5 types to beautiful skin maze double

Among the spread of skin care secret every day there are new tricks, sister and private beauty tips you also officers to heart, but these so-called secret recipe and are really effective? What make you go the skin care maze? Today is to take you out of the five big maze, let your skin double see beautiful.

Skin care maze one: steam smoked for skin good face

The quantity of heat that use steam promote facial ministry skin blood circulation, eduction shrink pores blockage, steam smoked the effect of the face in here. But in return, long-term use of steam to smoked face, pores often easy to produce the pore is flabby, the skin also vulnerable to high temperature influence moisture loss. Therefore, the steam smoked face skin care number is unfavorable and overmuch.

Skin care maze two: clean face product foam much good

Clean face product added surfactant and foam additives, used to enhance clean sex and optimization contact feeling. However, the two add tasting of sebum membrane can produce some losses, and therefore reduce the sebum membrane the external stimuli resistance, easy to sensitive skin was one of the reasons and because of the produce.

Skin care maze three: cutin have to go

After years of skin care study, we know from the initial diagonal quality is "to remove", to actually played a moisturizing now corneous layer of water storage effect understanding. We know, cutin is not the need for frequent removal, the existence of corneous layer can help skin to store water, the average corneous layer January remove one times can. Frequent cutting thin cuticle easy to produce red blood silk, sensitive skin.

Skin care maze four: medical protect skin to taste

Medical protect skin to taste is the skin has talent use? In fact also not necessarily, protect skin to taste of medicine without pigment and additives, chemical composition, if you want to pursue the mild skin, protect skin to taste is also can use these.

Skin care maze five: skin quality won't change

The growth of the age, endocrine adjustment, and environmental change will affect the skin type of skin. Chun xia is oily skin, arrived qiu dong may be a little peace some. Therefore, protect skin to taste should not be a bottle of use exactly, because with the type of skin and season change need to do some adjustment. In order to truly solve skin to protect skin, maintenance needs.

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