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Progressive whitening method only 4 steps

And in the spring, skin care: all know, spring is the best season of the year whitening. So, how to make good use of this spring, let skin become tender, whiten? Today is to teach you step-by-step whitening method, don't miss it.

Whitening step 1: discharge makeup thoroughly

To love for the girls make up for, colour makeup is absolutely beautiful white engineering a enemy. We use colour makeup article, some may contain some chemical substances, if not complete discharge makeup, can make melanin to speed up the deposition.

Whitening step 2: start from moisture

If you think moisturizing and whitening is two skin care concept, you are completely wrong. In fact the skin to appear white, keep humidity is a very important index. Skin lacks water, because corneous layer is too dry and will lead to skin texture confusion but without burnish, only the skin locked enough water, can look glamorous, color of skin dark skin, is absolutely not the word about whitening.

Whitening step 3: whitening essence/cream big fight

The third whitening steps, it is our traditional sense whitening way, it is using a beautiful white composition of the essence or cream, to improve color of skin. Now to tell you, which components have beautiful white effect, so that can let you choose in product when the boxes.

1, vitamin a, vitamin C derivatives: can effectively control melanin;

2, pomegranate seed extract: can quickly absorbed by skin and sings to splash;

3, mulberry extract: restrain the melanin, help slow down and stop has begun to "melanin conduction" process;

4, M-JiaHuan ammonia acid: improve chronic inflammatory condition and a beautiful white effect;

5, bearberry element: fade melanin and inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, inhibit the blocking the melanin, fade spots and has generated, improve skin dark heavy, reproduce white luster.

Whitening step 4: do prevent bask in consolidating whitening results

Prevent basking in is whitening engineering an important step of success or failure, only to prevent bask in, can resist will make melanin deposition ultraviolet ray. Also, some beautiful white composition, uv rays, can let the effect to sell at a discount greatly, even generate chemical reaction, not only do not rise to the whitening effect, still can damage skin, this also is a lot of beautiful white product in the prospectus will indicate use prevent bask in segregation or to daub after the cause of the products. So, want to the whitening girls, the isolation and prevent bask in the link can't relax.


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