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Say goodbye to winter and dress up spring doll makeup look

Guide language: step into February, 2012 springsummer held, the time to say goodbye to qiu dong's Smoky Eyes and put on a spring of Sweet Sweet with makeup look. 2012 spring and summer emphasize mac makeup look natural feeling, false eyelashes already out, use eyelash fluid and the strong next eyelash, build pure, clear is pitiful classical girl flavour, doll type eye makeup is Japan girls love dress up.

Sweet Macaroon makeup, just like a Macaroon sweet color, for your makeup look bring vitality and expression. Orange Yan fat than pink fat Yan more can model the thin surface effect, as long as at the cheek a side position will be printed on. And the way to avoid printed on the previous block defect cream/liquid wiping away, and is made immaculate makeup look little they.

Step 1: to pearl light color blot out the brow, build stereo feeling; Then, in the middle of the color with green attune daub orbital location, eye form the more prominent.

Step 2: eye end position to deep dark silver grey green ticked off delimit a triangle, can reduce puffy feeling.

Step 3: use pointed stick, from the eye end next eyelash root and close to the start line powder, so the colour and lustre of eye end position will naturally darker, and in the Angle of eye end clearly ticked off delimit a v-shaped, can make eyes look rich, suitable for folds, inside the girl of double-fold eyelid shape round eyes.

Step 4: to lower the inner eye with the locus on harmonious pearls look below powder, immediately make eyes bright rise.

Step 5: eyelash stick will play straight, in next eyelash sweep on strong eyelash fluid, and then play sweep, will eyelash an one root clearly separated, can build pure, clear is pitiful classical girl flavour.

Step 6: at the cheek a side position printed on pure orange rouge, can reach to decorate the effect of contour. In the forehead, again the tip, chin position gently printed on rouge, make makeup look full of healthy and shining.

Step 7: from the central began with pink lips lipstick colour and lustre, and then to spread the colour and lustre, build the deep to shallow soak effect.

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