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Valentine's day six photos of the tender skin

Valentine's day, or the day before, the battle is beautiful moment, how to become a beautiful skin beautiful lover, show the perfect yourself, and to give him a memorable valentine's day? That followed the spot experts quickly prepare it.

1: eliminate black rim of the eye and edema

Apply to alternate hot and cold. In addition, eye frost eye film can quickly replenish water, eliminate fatigue, improve skin elasticity, reduce under-eye puffiness and stay up late to black rim of the eye phenomenon. On food, also try to be balanced, eat more fruit and vegetables content, drink boiling water, and as far as possible reducing starchy food.

2: beautiful beautiful skin dispel spot is the key

After the skin is dry, add season reason especially easy to damage, with pure natural plant components made of Isabel capsule spot, can regulate endocrine system, by inside and outside repair skin immune nets, decompose melanin, eliminate various splash, freckles and sun spot, gestation spot of the effect of the spot completely not bounce. Every morning and evening each, on taking for a month. Restore whiten skin good color!

3: the constringency bulky pore

No matter how tired busy, it is important to remember to discharge makeup. In complete discharge makeup, then use facial cleanser cleaning; After cleaning the pat toner, can control facial grease is secreted, also can make the essence and cream, protect skin to taste more easily absorbed. Even though the days are getting cold, for beautiful, the proposal with different washing a face alternately, help pores.

4: away dark complexion yellow

Used cutin products, will the stubborn cutin dead skin clean. Through facial massage after promoting blood circulation and restore the good complexion is ruddy. If immediately to attend an important meeting or PARTY, can choose powdery bottom to modify the fatigue.

5: repair dry lines

The most thorough way is to give the skin to drink water. Apply a hydrating face film, directly into deep skin moisture loss. Face film has not breathe freely characteristics, can let the skin moist with abundant absorption of nutrients, inside short time can significantly improve skin condition. Not only the spray spirits, also can add skin moisture, spray in the makeup can make it more lasting, spray in the hair, can make the hair style come back to life. Don't forget to gently with paper towel blot, to reduce the skin moisture loss.

6: black head and blain blain goodbye

10:00-02:00 skin in the evening to maintain between state, is the skin to absorb the nutrition of good machine. If there is a condition, in this period of time before a skin must be clean and maintenance. So, even if they can't sleep, can also get nutrients and water on time of added. Clean, use mild, pure grandma, again use make up cotton dips in the composition of the watermark pressure non-alcoholic lotion face. Choose oil regulation products, maintain relaxed appearance. Morning when clean face, also the same way.

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