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Night speed drive ugly kind and less sleep race also beautiful

Less sleep clan, is a man in the ol very popular ethnic group, no matter be "spontaneous less sleep" night owl, or be working pressure of trapped "late getting up early" girl, with time too short sleep problems. BuXinXie can not, thought after less sleep as long as make up can make you look beautiful? But on the face can see you sleep enough!

Face 1: face an heavy, on the face appeared small spots

Sleep late can cause skin cannot smooth metabolism, old cutin of waste piling up on the surface of the skin, make skin natural without burnish. Long after staying up late, and people find themselves zygomatic, at the moment of spots appear! Because the skin metabolism slows down, the day of accumulation of pigment precipitation can not be eduction. And, the computer radiation, strong light also can cause pigment generation.

Countermeasures 1: cutin, then massage

The morning after washing a face then undertake cutin, make the skin become clean. Then again tie-in use facial massage frost, through massage techniques and effective component can help skin to himself, let gray color again be bright.

Countermeasures 2: night also want to use prevent bask in

If often evenings will be a long stay in front of the computer, or the environmental lights is stronger, "little sleep is sent" beauty must add with isolation or physics is prevented bask in to protect their skin, can not be omitted.

Face 2: black rim of the eye "less sleep pie" sign

Hardly a "little sleep is sent" can avoid the problem of "panda eye", because of the lack of sleep is black rim of the eye the culprit, led directly to the eye week a vein of blood deposition, present green gray.

Countermeasures 1: correct use eye film

Gel, essence of commonly used for treatment after eye frost, still can add some amount daub before the apply for the night. Quality of a material is rich, nutrition plenty of eye film are often used in before the eye.

Countermeasures 2: do simple eye massage exercise

A the most simple and effective eye massage exercise: four refers to rub hot, press the eyelids, from inside canthus press to temples, again with middle finger press temples; Every time to do so under pressure by, then gently mention.

Face 3: easy oedema oval face face is steamed stuffed bun

Stay up people body metabolism will slow down, the trash inside body and moisture to the accumulation. If night things to eat or drink too much more salt, edema is difficult to escape the "nightmare".

Countermeasures 1: when sleeping mat high pillow

After wake up for the "steamed stuffed bun face", big s have had a firm recruit, one for after getting up immediately drink black coffee; 2 will face it with ice soaked in water. Actually the most simple recruit is a: when sleeping mat high pillow, to avoid water accumulation in the face and eye.

Countermeasures 2: after getting up do lymphatic massage

If the morning wake up or swollen, that is about to use massage to help. With ring finger position before massage eye socket, help lymph circulation. According to stir up this morning of bamboo, eye brows between QingMing, eye end of concave eye son and bearing bits to breathe out breathe in, put in the way. According to the face, then with gentle cooperate breath press the cheek, the ear side direction to the next to ballet, is also breathe out breathe in, according to put, very simple but very effective.

Face 4: on makeup face difficult as the Sahara desert

Cook for the night cheeks dry allow the collapse, powder can't even use. The whole bottom makeup to float in the face, again good powdery bottom to serve, tired face is not "eat" makeup.

Countermeasures 1: wash a face to start from wet

By partial cold warm water wash a face to the best, this can let was is the lack of oil to proper maintenance. The morning basic skin care to everywhere on "wet" is heavy, the fluid foundation also should choose to protect wet. If your cheek and now really dry, face film, eye film is the best emergency measures, a piece of can instantly improve water degrees.

Countermeasures 2: the emulsion and the powdery bottom 1:1 mix

Professional makeup girl teach us to deal with "card powder" a recruit: 1:1 the ratio of emulsion and powdery bottom mix, let the bottom makeup humidity enough. Use first small wet powdery bottom to brush.

Face 5: the oil t area into a large fields

"Stay up late work overtime of the second day morning face inches from the oil drips." In fact, dry and the root cause of the oil, comes from the stay up late in the water loss.

Countermeasures 1: before sleeping clean again

If you stay up when the oil is severe, suggest you before you go to sleep even again clean, do again basic maintenance. Secreted too prosperous grease can plug the pores, form of hate blackheads and acne.

Countermeasures 2: water, the water locking is the key

Recruit is fundamental to filling water. Apply moisture mask is the best choice, the water, the water locking cream in the add with.


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