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Private face-lift surgery is this really effective

None of your business jogging, spinning, yoga, even if the body is thin, it is difficult to say goodbye to your big face, but this time have the experts face-lift Cheats, your efforts will not be in vain.

Lymphatic circulation of the face to face look fat or thin is closely related to daily face-lift massage, activate the lymphatic circulation of the face, rapid elimination of excess water and metabolic wastes, your face can be swelling, lose weight, evenchange the effectiveness of the young. Private face-lift Cheats, Check it out.

First to a soothing massage to the face, wash process, hand circle at least one minute, massage, and then wash the face with a towel to dry water, and coated with moisturizer.

2, offset palms, fingers together with your fingertips against the chin backward and upward as far as possible, experience the sense of stretching of the neck lymph.

3, make a fist with both hands, put in the second joint on the left and right cheek, gently press the cheek on both sides for about 1 minute. Keep the palm of your hand moves the same, slightly upward, and then top-down push by both sides of the neck, repeatedly press 10 times.

4, the fingers close together, with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of the pulp along above the eyebrows, smooth the forehead to the temple, and repeated five times.

5, the first middle finger pulp is placed on the inside corner, down below the eye contour, pulp slip to the outer corner of Hou Tila muscle to the temple, repeated five times.

6, the fingers close together, with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger pulp press lips below, and then along the arc of the left and right cheek, with the pulp gently push up the press, led palm coated live on both sides of the cheeks, pulling up to the temple repeated 5 times.

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