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Skin antioxidant night pyramid double efficacy

Night skin is at rest. So is the skin to absorb the nutrition the best effect. In the night for skin antioxidant easier.

If the day skin care is to protect the skin from uv or public nuisance and other exterior environment damage, so at night can focus on looking for lost energy during the day time. The night of the skin cell regeneration play a crucial role. In the evening we body blood circulation smooth cell division activities can be removed so strong during the day and toxins into the skin internal impurities. In ordinary times we can do moisture resistance of the old. But twice a week of antioxidant don't forget. This is your good skin quality foundation.

Another night can promote hormone secreted activate metabolism sports, can improve in vivo and in vitro nutrition absorption function especially metabolic function. From the late 10 start to 2 a.m. to be more active so don't pass between time thoroughly management helps maintain the smooth elasticity of the skin.

The first stage: apply

Not completely remove makeup and garbage, leather fat during the day, dust and will affect the breathing and cause all kinds of skin skin disease. So can't look down upon clean skin. Use clean skin frost or oil make-up, in foam cleanser fully generation his face after a bubble. Don't forget the deep cleansing products with two in pore clean.

Antioxidant kept secret: deep clean skin, add a little water in the pool that wash a face. Respectively in liquid vitamin C, vitamin E of 5 ml, red wine 10 ml, white vinegar 2 ml.

Then, will we do antioxidant in cleaning the face new water. Cleaning 2 minutes, then by hand pat dry. Repeatedly for three times can.

The second stage: antioxidant mask

All this work after last night, in the face daub make up water. Then, ready to face film paper soaked in green tea water. Then apply is on the face, with tea again apply is on the eyes.

Or green tea powder and water to transfer to the sticky. Directly apply is on the face can. 20 minutes after washing clean.

The third stage: special care

Above two are done, with water to clean the face a little. Then daub antioxidant make up water, essence and late frost. If there is no antioxidant effect to protect skin to taste. Then the capsule of vitamin C cut break, extrusion vitamin C mixed with late frost. Apply to face, a thick layer of make its natural absorption, do not need to pat skin.

Small make up a words: in finish after skin antioxidant, sleep immediately. Keep the house air flow, pull the curtain, avoid the morning sunshine point-blank. Twice a week, easily have good skin.

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