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Sports can clean skin and wash a face without water more moderate

The girls want to wash a face every day, but this does not mean that you really "practice makes perfect". Clean excessive, the skin will become dry, take off bits, it is hard to makeup, and even the itch, sting; Cleaning is insufficient, and will let you didn't morning "glossy faces with". Famous dermatologist ZhongShaoMin, for your evaluation 12 is accepted generally apply habit, teach you wise and gentle face was performed.

Make up and discharge makeup in the same time

First, how long, makeup, discharge makeup will for how long?

Wrong! Make up and discharge makeup didn't so absolute time relationship, as long as the master clean principle, the length of the time and not the key. Of course, if you make up, you need more carefully to discharge makeup and clean, this is because most of the ingredients of colour makeup beautification effect more than skin effect, if remain face, come down for a long time is harmful, such as pigment, spices, and make makeup look more lasting emulsifier, excipients, antiseptic, etc. Although most of the famous brand of colour makeup products have been selected and raw materials testing, really safe, but as long as make up, should be in completely uninstalled before bedtime. Good discharge makeup product, first pay attention to moderate, must already can eradicate colour makeup, and does not destroy the protective film on the skin. Such as using the anti-perspiration, prevent oil model powdery bottom, with grandma is difficult to clean, wash many times only can let the skin injured. And discharge makeup oil will easily be able to remove this kind of grease bottom makeup, the so-called YiWuJiangYiWu, if you know you use colour makeup type, and the corresponding makeup article, so clean is not the problem.

Second, before apply face film, must first go cutin?

Not necessarily! Face film belongs to focus on strengthening care products, improve the corneous layer water content, make the concentration of nutrients into the role of skin more easily, can quickly for skin moisturizing and whitening and inflammation. Before apply face film, do not need additional cutin. And, chamfer or careful with as well. Because, the skin is a metabolic cycle, the old cells gradually eduction, the new cells gradually move up instead of, if is healthy skin, this is a balanced stable process, not need human intervention. People will keratin removing, the skin can instead get error instructions, speed up the repair process, and long stimulation can cause skin barrier damage and sensitive.

Three, do exercise, also calculate clean the skin of method?

Right! To live is to move, the skin also. Games profusely help you eduction body endotoxin, accelerate metabolism, make the skin fresh after sports a new feeling. In outdoor sports, need to make a protection, skin and environmental contact, excessive ultraviolet ray can cause splash and aging.

No water wash face more moderate

Four, no water wash face (with detergent from face product) more moderate, cleaning effect?

Wrong! Actually this kind of product is for special environment and special groups use, for instance a trauma can't water clean. The usual cleansing no need to be so. After all, still have certain residual, water is the best cleaner.

Five, emerge in endlessly blain blain, pillow towel with relevant?

Possible! One reason is the trigger blain blain bacterial infection, but this kind of bacteria belong to anaerobic bacteria, generally in the hair follicle plugged the oxygen would rise more, make the skin inflammation, emitted "red blain blain". The pillow towel if more dirty, there may be some other bacteria parasitic, cause cross infection, make the skin micro environmental imbalance. When the ph not appropriate, sebum membrane destruction, may cause acne worse.

Six, more than when discharge makeup, massage, and wash more clean?

Wrong! Proper massage can promote blood circulation. But every day, wash your face, does not need a massage. Because the skin have their metabolic cycle and rules, gentle clean he can be dirt, and sweat, and a metabolic waste removal, massage will not wash more clean, and excessive pull to wrinkles.

Use make up cotton wipe clean double

Seven, after washing face, use make up cotton wet wipe, double clean?

Right! Water has a organic and inorganic composition, can the skin of the remainder of the water and not wash out of cosmetics and remove dirt, wipe the process of purification effect.

Eight, the bubble type foaming cleanser than no more clean type wash?

Not likely? With foam detergent generally contains a strong effect of the surfactant, treat water will play a bubble, but not necessarily will wash of spray than no more clean. With the development of science and technology, some new no foam detergent also have very good clean effect, and do not harm the skin barrier.

Nine, face and neck have off color, grinding can solve?

Not necessarily! This may be for a long time, you only pay attention to facial nursing, didn't give the same treatment to neck, so you need a day will besmear in the facial maintain article to neck a slice of this action, slowly would see the effect. Especially bask in, very few people were willing to give neck slap on the sunscreen, feel greasy, coloured clothes, the trouble, and so on. But time is long, the color difference is slowly come out. It might as well be born, people from different parts of the skin color is different, some people especially apparent, often see body skin very white, and his face is dark, or someone face NenNen freely, but also on black and rough. Then do need extra care. Neck skin is very delicate, than the face of the many thin skin, and more flabby, try not to grind arenaceous and pull.

Grind arenaceous solve the face and neck have off color

Ten, use sunscreen, be sure to discharge makeup?

Not necessarily! This should see formula. If it is waterproof formula, oily quality of a material, need not discharge makeup oil can't wash out. There are some chemical sunscreen, with grandma can wash out, do not need special discharge makeup. But in general, after application of sunscreen is needs to be washed clean, or some chemical composition to cause stimulation.

Eleven, in the morning, wash a face only the water in his?

Wrong! If only the evening simple maintain article, the second day morning water can wash, as long as no greasy feeling that is clean. If is oily skin, or protect skin to taste quality of a material can't use clean water drop, still had better match gentle cleanser, otherwise easy to have blocked pore problem.

Twelve, used a computer or watching television, be sure to wash up?

Wrong! There's no scientific evidence that the electromagnetic radiation must to the skin stimulation. But the place has a magnetic field to small particles of dust, have adsorption effect, so if you can, can clean the face, but not a must.

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