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The point about skin care

Every girl wants to perfect skin, but the problem is now sources of information too much too miscellaneous, wide variety of maintain article is to let a person dazzling, with skin care the progress of science and technology, but don't know how to choose, and the following tell you about skin care of the little things.

Maintain taste fresh parties of the crisis

As change garments according to the season, each big manufacturers will protect skin to taste and new product on the counter, for often saw not try to try new products will not maintain article: and a lot of temptation, and everything is ready to go? You know, so wantonly attempt new product, the potential crisis have how old?

The sudden change maintain article, can let the skin to appear not reaction, in addition to new product is hard to completely absorbed by skin, the effect very outside, still very agreed to appear temporary rejection, appear easily is sensitive, so delicious jabuticaba Popsicle pie or hold on!

But if you really see a hard heart itch new words, so every time only to try a maintain article, lest skin due to excessive stimulation. Except in skin care program to join a new product every time outside, also should avoid to cutin, shine skin, after the sun to try new products, because of the very low tolerance stimulate skin, lest cause sensitive.

Relative to the delicious jabuticaba Popsicle pie, use the tried-and-tested maintain article more by spectrum

Maintain article is always a series of luck on the counter, and then again after one season by the latest product substitution quickly, but have you ever found, in the one horn of the cosmetics counter, always wore some "familiar face long"--those enduring maintain article.

However you dresser also should be they make a place, have their position.

To maintain article at most high-end after thousands of user experience is to the market, there are still a lot of unstable problem and effect. However, in the waves were not maintain article standing classic product, there are countless early for the user to help you do the experience, and there's no reason you don't trust it.

So when skin tolerance is bad, the use of new product that appear sensitive, choose them relieve stimulation, reforming skin condition is the best choice.

Let the skin to tell you what to do

Winter moist, spring anti-allergic, summer whitening, these season one of the hottest keywords in the context to heart already must have, but do a skin care follow suit sent really good?

What to do, or let skin to tell you the truth. As long as attention at any time skin condition, and find their own skin cycle, you can find the most suitable maintenance method. Dry wet, sensitive skin to relieve, volatile and antioxidant protection, your skin oneself still have to have the final say.

Although has been advocating to choose according to their own skin maintain article, but in the choice of high order maintain article (elite fluid, eye frost, etc) is a bit of a limited. In other words, don't for oily skin nourish and think that the essence of old for, or type eye frost to nourish dry skin is also big burden. So targeted choose high order maintain article are not worth the money and ruined the skin.

Don't superstitious shine skin engineering, the most effective way or the cutin

Dark heavy, dry, maintain article absorption effect is not to force, when the problem appear one by one, many girls first thought is "shine skin".

Many girls very addicted to shine skin engineering, even every week will conduct a shine skin, the skin but the big NG! Too much shine skin, skin stimulation for great, especially fruit acid composition of shine skin product, again good muscle bottom is also hard to survive sensitive.

Actually use mild exfoliant or chemical chamfer frost, take away the old cutin of waste in at the same time promoting cutin update, and the skin repair itself, can also solve the problem of dark heavy without energy.

Relative to the high sensitization brighten frost, chamfer simple product relatively moderate, although the effect not shine skin to slow the obvious, but it's better than sensitive much better by coloring.

Use of expensive to maintain article also again as a good night's sleep

Many girls always complain about is always less than ideal state of skin, not take oil is dry, or sensitive long blain blain, spend so many money investment maintain article, effect which go to? !

If you also have more confusion, then ask yourself your skin sleep enough?

No one can protect skin to replace a good night's sleep, sleep in the repair of skin oneself ability is expensive to maintain article deficits.

It is difficult to relax daily state skin, tight skin to absorb nutrients and limited ability, and the temperature will improve skin sleep some, corresponding to absorb the nutrition ability was also greatly improved. That is you use day maintain article in sleep conditions can better conscientious service for the skin. Anne now of sleep!

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