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Three simple actions practice sexy cat back curve

If wear sexy low back pack, not only to ensure the perfect skin, and back curve is also important. Some simple things, can let you back on the same like cat curve radian absolutely beautiful, and you have not come in to learn it?

Step1, soft lumbar back

Stand, feet and shoulder are the same as wide, arms hanging over the sides of its body. Exhale, leaned over to bend over, with your arms ground vertical, using your fingertips touchdown, leg to be straight. Maintain a minute.

Step2, cat stretching

Like kitten wake up, front legs stretched straight, then stretch out a big. To eliminate back stiff very effective, still can let lumbar back line more slender. Use both hands hold to, knees kneeling on the ground, head up slightly, and went backward, and carried a leg, attention than back. Keep 10 seconds will another leg, this movement repeat 5 groups.

Step3, outlining the cat

Hands support, down on my knees, and back up the arch, pay attention to let thigh calf and torso, a right Angle. Keep 30 seconds, and repeat 5 times.

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