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Woman must have four kinds of cleansing products

Respond to different skin conditions, needs a variety of cleansing products today to teach you how to choose the right cleansing products in different skin condition!

Foam Cleanser

Skin condition: dry skin

Dry and sensitive skin can not use strong cleaning power of cleansing products, came into being in the nature of the water-soluble non-foaming cleanser is mild, the most suitable type of skin. However, low-foaming moderate "to say, skin experts explained that the key to lead to sensitive skin, it is not foam, but the type of blowing agent used and skin tolerance.

In addition to the non-foam-type cleanser, where the use of a foam cleanser, you must use the palm rub out the bubbles before used to clean the face, or the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced!

Cleansing Oil + Gentle Cleansing

Skin condition: draw a heavy makeup

Drew heavy makeup skin cleanser alone is not enough, it is best to use cleansing oil, rather than Makeup Remover. The selection of cleansing oil, oily skin can choose the main ingredient is a mineral and synthetic esters, clean and strong, the remover at the same time, can work together to wash away the secretion of excess oil; now more popular in the market based on vegetable oil as an important component Cleansing Oil, it is safe, non-irritating, and any skin type can be used. Remover, use a mild cleanser, "second clean" before cleansing oil and residue on the skin surface makeup together washed away.

first with hot water and put his face wet, so that the pores open, so that the cleansing oil to penetrate into pores clean. Then, with a dry towel to dry up the water, because the cleansing oil water emulsion, will lose clean. Third, the use of cleansing oil, it is not appropriate massage, 1 minutes, then wash with warm water.

Soap or cleansing mousse

Skin condition: tired

Like "quick fix" is the most appropriate use of soap and cleansing mousse, because they can achieve the best cleaning results in the shortest possible time. In fact, the soap's cleaning ability was discovered long ago, but most people used a crude alkaline soap, there will be skin tight, even a slight tingling feeling, but also wash away the skin to maintain natural balance need of grease. To this end, the "no soap" and "weak acid" two concepts have been proposed, in the choice of soap and cleansing mousse should pay special attention to the instructions indicate that the two words, or prolonged use of alkaline (PH value is about 8), cleaning products, they are prone to skin conditions, and cause or exacerbate dry.

TIPS: soap, can sometimes be added to the so-called "nutrition" Animal and vegetable fats and oils, mineral oil, vitamin or moisturizer, although it sounds to reduce soap stimulus, but it also may make the skin worse burden can not be effectively cleaned.

Oil control balance Cleanser

Skin condition: skin oil

Many places in the South is still hot, then solve the oil problem, and have to start from a clean start. At this time, the choice of cleansing products best able to effectively remove excess oil, but not too stimulating the skin. With oil balancing role Cleanser is the best choice for oily skin, rich and delicate bubbles deep clean pores, reduce the formation of fat.

TIPS: oil balance Cleanser, too "hard".

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