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5 effective to blain to imprint daily good method

Blain blain is every girl of the number one enemy, the blain to imprint is every girl fear most things. Look at the stars smooth face, whether you envy, jealousy, hate? Don't try so hard, tell you 5 to blain to imprint daily method, smooth cheeks, textured together.

1, wash a face of benefits

Remove the skin secretion much oil is eliminate acne face blister the most important first step. Warm water wash face advisable, but do not wash a face every day more than three times the number. Complete clean kung fu, can remove the dirt with his face with waste, old cutin, avoid hair follicle obstruction and reduce acne face blister produce. Of course, one-sided emphasis on the role of the face was also wrong, as experts say it, blain blain is the even more by inside and the problem.

2, chamfer and to blain to imprint

After long blain blain affects the normal metabolism of skin function. Fixed purify cutin accumulated in the pores of the waste, can strengthen promote cells metabolism, avoid old waste cutin accumulation, jam hair follicle mouth, caused by bacterial growth acne. For adult acne cutin effect is more apparent.

3, enough sleep and of the rule

Skin hairdressing experts point out that, stay up late and pressure easy to cause the biological clock disorder phenomenon, lead to hormone imbalance, influence endocrine, and then indirectly make acne whelk formation. So assure enough sleep and of the rule to help ease burden of skin, improve skin immunity.
4, why to want to make prevent bask in?

Don't want to get a tan, of course, to prevent bask in. How much more is in during the blain blain, excessive exposure to sunlight can stimulate acne worse, and the accumulation of skin melanin, will also deepen the colour and lustre of blain scar, and delay the blain blain recovery time.

5, excitant food to eat less

Minimize Fried, spicy, nuts food: this kind of food can stimulate the face blister accrues, so want to reduce acne or face blister, must first change eating habits, drink water more and more vegetables vegetables and fruits, accelerate the metabolism of the body, promote cells row poison ability.

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