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Farewell steamed stuffed bun face

Good morning, total want to step out of the spring breeze faces with attitude door, however the mirror in his "steamed stuffed bun face" but will this good faith a boxing broken.

Facial skin of the drainage channels of three place

Temporal, ear weeks and collarbone. The three places are the common features of, gently press have acerbity keenly feel, after repeated presses on the good feeling. Therefore, in the early morning of skin care, to pay special attention to press this three place point, as long as the guarantee the correctness of the massage, it can get the compact facial contour.


To mention the ears, like opened the gates of lymph circulation, let lymph circulation more smoothly. With one hand to mention above the ear, and the other a hand on the cheek and ear direction to push press.


From the start of the forehead, finger to temporal direction push press, achieve the whole face of the drainage effect, pay attention to key press temporal last position.


With one hand holding the thumb side before ear position, the remaining four refers to press the temporal, another hand from the middle finger down to around the massage eye week skin, finally press temporal.


Four fingers chin position from his hands as the starting point, and along the corners of the mouth, nose, eyes on both sides under pressure, the temporal end, can not only get through facial drainage channels, still can from down to promote the facial contour.

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